23 and 1/2 Hours

“Can you limit your sitting and sleeping to just… 23 and 1/2 hours?” – Doctor Mike Evans

Video By: Doctor Mike’s Med School For The Public

One Step at a Time

Just hours after undergoing major hip surgery, my buddy Travis set goals.  The picture shows 5 goals that he had to achieve before he could leave the hospital. We placed a check mark by the goal signifying that he completed it.  His goals […]

Hula Hoop Thursdays

The hula hooping started every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with a break for a lunch at 12:00 p.m.  Instead of walking outside in the Texas heat, employees were hula hooping indoors.  This activity was led by the company’s wellness committee.  There […]

Should I Workout In the Heat? Coach Heffner Responds

Our Wellness Coach responds to a fitness question that we received from an employee. If you have a question for our Wellness Coach, then write your question in the comment section below.

Eating Breakfast Helps Us Avoid Junk Food

People often question whether or not they should take the time to eat breakfast. However, regularly eating breakfast leads to healthier eating habits.

According to a study completed by The Dairy Research Institute, those who skip breakfast consume 40 percent […]

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11 Healthy Alternatives to Replace the Infamous Candy Bowl

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The Candy Bowl Video

Is Office Candy Jar Helping Make You Fat?

Our wellness team is on a mission to remove candy bowls from the workplace – one bowl at a time.  Our next post will provide a list of healthier alternatives to candy that can be placed […]

Thursday, July 4 O-WOD

4 rounds for time:

10 pushups
10 squats
10 crunches

Modify workout as you see fit.  Post times in the comment section below.

Happy Fourth of July!

Picture courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

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What is a WOD?

WOD stands for Workout of the Day.  The term was coined by the popular fitness company Crossfit.   Crossfit posts  daily workouts (WOD’s) on their website for individuals to complete.  The workouts are very challenging.
An O-WOD is an Office Workout of the […]

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The Golden Tee

A wealth management company offices one floor below us. They managed to squeeze an arcade game, The Golden Tee,  into their kitchen.  Greatness!

I asked them, “How has this game affected the office enviornment?”  They responded instantly, “This game is a major […]

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    What Is The Difference Between Chipotle Ranch Dressing and Chipotle Ranch Yogurt Dressing?

What Is The Difference Between Chipotle Ranch Dressing and Chipotle Ranch Yogurt Dressing?

 These delicious products sit right next to each other on the shelf at Neighborhood Wal-Mart. The bottle and label appear to be identical. They cost the same.  They must be the same product, right?

Wrong.  They are FAR from being the […]

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Saucony Running Shoes

If you are looking for a hip, reliable pair of running shoes, check out www.saucony.com.  Saucony’s mission which is located on their website is:
At Saucony, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, force us to be better. […]

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Happy National Running Day

It is a great day to start running.  Today is the 5th annual National Running Day.  Runners all over the world declare their passion for health by going out for a run. If you are interested in joining the facebook group (which has over 47,000 […]

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    Brinson Wellness Coach Finishes 1st in Boston Marathon Age Group

Brinson Wellness Coach Finishes 1st in Boston Marathon Age Group

On Monday, April 16 2012, Brinson Benefits employees rooted for Kyle Heffner to bring home a title in the Boston Marathon, and he succeeded.

Kyle,57, won the men’s 55-59 age group, finishing at a strong 2 hours, 48 minutes and […]

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The Top 3 Activity Trackers (Accelerometers)

Accelerometer technology tracks the “movement” of steps.  In addition to steps, the products below measure distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep cycle.  We highlight a few of the differences between the Fuel Band, Flex Wristband, and Up Band.  I purchased […]

Warehouse Basketball

The parking lot was filled with cars.  As I drove by, I could not help but notice a basketball goal. Greatness!  Our wellness coach, Kyle Heffner, reminded me that a client meeting was far more important than shooting hoops.  Next time!