Does Eating Turkey Make You Sleepy?

I have often heard people mention that they get sleepy after eating a large turkey dinner.   Is this related to the amino acid, named tryptophan, which helps people sleep?

Dr. Lawrence Steinman, MD, a neuroimmunologist at Stanford Medicine, indicates that […]

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Improving Your Mood with Gratefulness

Psychological research suggests that positive emotions are associated with creativity, problem-solving abilities and overall success.

So how do you improve your mood in a sustainable way that can impact what you do? Psychologist Jeremy Dean, author of PsyBlog, posted an […]

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Coach Heffner Wins the HeartRun Race

Coach Heffner and I were invited by United Renovations to participate in the Living for Zachary’s 5th Annual Incredible HeartRun on October 26.  This event raised over $23,000 to help raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest in youth.

Coach Heffner was […]

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Influencing Your Gene Expression

We often hear how important our genes are in determining our health.  However, there is new evidence that nutrition and environment are major factors in determining health status through the activation or expression of the genes.  The term, nutrigenomics, […]

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A $300 Wellness Investment That Will Yield a Return

It’s called Table Tennis!  According to Dr. Daniel Amen, founder of Amen Clinics, Table Tennis provides a number of health benefits to employees.

Increases concentration and alertness
Stimulates brain activity
Develops hand-eye coordination

Facebook, Google, Copper Mobile, Campaign Mobile, and Business Insider have […]

What Are Antioxidants & How Vital Are They?

We often hear the term ‘free radicals’ or ‘oxygen radicals’… these are not ‘free radicals’ rioting in the 1960’s!!  Rather, these are unstable and reactive molecules that damage DNA, tissue or other metabolic functions in the body.  Unfortunately, even […]

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Organic Versus Conventional Produce

A lot of us buy produce at the store but ignore the small label on most fruits and vegetables called the Price Look Up (PLU) code.  If the code has 4 digits, it is conventionally grown in which pesticides, […]

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How to Win

I was not delivered unto this world in defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I refuse to talk, to walk, […]

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How to Burn More Calories while Walking

Walking with hand weights or ski poles has become increasingly popular.  Walking with light hand weights helps activate more muscles in the upper body. Specifically, walking with 3 lb hand weights increases the intensity and energy expenditure about 15% […]

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The F.I.T.T. Principle

There are many factors to consider when considering an exercise program.  The first step is to decide what physical activity or exercise you like to do. Fortunately, you can benefit from a variety of activities whether aquatics, walking, cycling, […]

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Eating Breakfast Helps Us Avoid Junk Food

People often question whether or not they should take the time to eat breakfast. However, regularly eating breakfast leads to healthier eating habits.

According to a study completed by The Dairy Research Institute, those who skip breakfast consume 40 percent […]

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4 Ways to Avoid the West Nile Virus

Cases of West Nile virus are frequently reported in the news.  Since 1999, 27,000 cases of West Nile virus have been reported in the USA.  Mosquitoes pick up the virus by biting birds infected with the virus, and then […]

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11 Healthy Alternatives to Replace the Infamous Candy Bowl

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Thursday, July 4 O-WOD

4 rounds for time:

10 pushups
10 squats
10 crunches

Modify workout as you see fit.  Post times in the comment section below.

Happy Fourth of July!

Picture courtesy of

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What is a WOD?

WOD stands for Workout of the Day.  The term was coined by the popular fitness company Crossfit.   Crossfit posts  daily workouts (WOD’s) on their website for individuals to complete.  The workouts are very challenging.
An O-WOD is an Office Workout of the […]

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    What Is The Difference Between Chipotle Ranch Dressing and Chipotle Ranch Yogurt Dressing?

What Is The Difference Between Chipotle Ranch Dressing and Chipotle Ranch Yogurt Dressing?

 These delicious products sit right next to each other on the shelf at Neighborhood Wal-Mart. The bottle and label appear to be identical. They cost the same.  They must be the same product, right?

Wrong.  They are FAR from being the […]

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Saucony Running Shoes

If you are looking for a hip, reliable pair of running shoes, check out  Saucony’s mission which is located on their website is:
At Saucony, we exist for runners. Runners inspire us, bring us new ideas, force us to be better. […]

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Happy National Running Day

It is a great day to start running.  Today is the 5th annual National Running Day.  Runners all over the world declare their passion for health by going out for a run. If you are interested in joining the facebook group (which has over 47,000 […]

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    Brinson Wellness Coach Finishes 1st in Boston Marathon Age Group

Brinson Wellness Coach Finishes 1st in Boston Marathon Age Group

On Monday, April 16 2012, Brinson Benefits employees rooted for Kyle Heffner to bring home a title in the Boston Marathon, and he succeeded.

Kyle,57, won the men’s 55-59 age group, finishing at a strong 2 hours, 48 minutes and […]

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