Night shift work appears to increase disease risks

Night shift work appears to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer. The World Health Organization considers night shift work a “probably carcinogen” due to the disruption in the circadian rhythm in the worker.  The American Journal of […]

A $300 Wellness Investment That Will Yield a Return

It’s called Table Tennis!  According to Dr. Daniel Amen, founder of Amen Clinics, Table Tennis provides a number of health benefits to employees.

Increases concentration and alertness
Stimulates brain activity
Develops hand-eye coordination

Facebook, Google, Copper Mobile, Campaign Mobile, and Business Insider have […]

The Fitbit Leaderboard

If you own a Fitbit and want to be Fitbit friends, then let us know.  We’ll see if you have what it takes to make it to on our Leaderboard.  Sophia is averaging more than 11,200 steps per day. Greatness!



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    A Computer Software Company Built a Sand Volleball Court in Front of Their Parking Lot

A Computer Software Company Built a Sand Volleball Court in Front of Their Parking Lot

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    Discover a Healthy Treat That Has Everyone Saying, “WOW”

Discover a Healthy Treat That Has Everyone Saying, “WOW”

Edible Arrangements create delicious fresh fruit bouquets and chocolate dipped fruit boxes.   Their mission statement is, “To WOW you.”

The Brinson Wellness Coach and I were “WOWed” by the eye-catching fruit arrangement called the Mango Kiwi Blossom featured in the picture above.  We received the Mango Kiwi […]

One Step at a Time

Just hours after undergoing major hip surgery, my buddy Travis set goals.  The picture shows 5 goals that he had to achieve before he could leave the hospital. We placed a check mark by the goal signifying that he completed it.  His goals […]

Hula Hoop Thursdays

The hula hooping started every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. with a break for a lunch at 12:00 p.m.  Instead of walking outside in the Texas heat, employees were hula hooping indoors.  This activity was led by the company’s wellness committee.  There […]

How Much Water Should We Be Drinking Daily?

Generally, we should consume five 16oz. bottles of water (or 2.5 liters) each day.
Oletta shows off her nifty 3-liter water bottle.  Greatness!
If you have a photo or video promoting wellness and you would like to share it with us, please email it to […]

The Golden Tee

A wealth management company offices one floor below us. They managed to squeeze an arcade game, The Golden Tee,  into their kitchen.  Greatness!

I asked them, “How has this game affected the office enviornment?”  They responded instantly, “This game is a major […]

Warehouse Basketball

The parking lot was filled with cars.  As I drove by, I could not help but notice a basketball goal. Greatness!  Our wellness coach, Kyle Heffner, reminded me that a client meeting was far more important than shooting hoops.  Next time!