Accelerometer technology tracks the “movement” of steps.  In addition to steps, the products below measure distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep cycle.  We highlight a few of the differences between the Fuel Band, Flex Wristband, and Up Band.  I purchased one of the products below, and I will write a separate post about why I recommend the one I purchased to employees (or anyone for that matter).

fitbit flex

Fitbit: Flex Wristband & One Activity Tracker (clips to pants)

  • Price: $99.95 Online Price (
  • Pros: Wirelessly tracks activity, Under $100, 5 different color wristband options, Small & large wristband options, Tracks sleep, Water resistant
  • Cons: Flex Wristband is currently sold out, Takes 2 hours to charge, No display, Only 2 sizes S-L
  • Amazon: 4.4/5 stars


Nike:  FuelBand

  • Price: $149 Online Price (
  • Pros: Wirelessly tracks, 20 LED lights, 3 different sizes S-M-L, Oxygen Kinetics
    • The main difference between this product and the other two is the point tracking system known as NikeFuel.  Nike Fuel is a proprietary measure which converts activity into Fuel points.
  • Cons:  Highest price accelerometer, Not water proof
  • Amazon: 3.1/5 stars



  • Price: $129.99 Online Price (
  • Pros: Vibrates when you’ve become inactive for a certain lengths of time,  power nap feature which will automatically wakes you up after 26 minutes of sleeping, only takes 80 minutes to fully charge, 3 different sizes S-M-L
  • Cons: Manually update, Must download the APP, Must be in sleep mode to track sleep, No display, Not water proof
  • Amazon: 3.2/5 stars