There are many factors to consider when considering an exercise program.  The first step is to decide what physical activity or exercise you like to do. Fortunately, you can benefit from a variety of activities whether aquatics, walking, cycling, or attending a Zumba class.

I recommend at least two of your preferred cardiovascular activities that not only involves most of your muscles, but also moderately elevates your heart rate above resting levels.  Research suggests that improved fitness levels occur from approximately a half hour of activity on most days of the week. If you are unaccustomed to exercise, you should first speak with your physician about any medical concerns. Then, slowly start your cardio exercising – usually at an easy level for 10-15 minutes at a time. Try applying the FITT principle, that is:

Frequency – How often?  Most days per week

Intensity- How intense? Light to moderate efforts to perform the exercise

Time – How long?  Duration as tolerated but work up to a total of 30 to 40 min

Type – Which activity?  Preferred exercise that works larger muscle groups and that may be sustained for a half hour or more

Remain motivated by asking a friend to exercise with you, or join a group class to help you remain consistent. Many enjoy using high-tech activity trackers such as the FitBit Flex or the Jawbone Up, to keep track of their steps and calories. These devices can help you track a variety of items, and allows you to connect with others using them.  Click on the following link to read our review of the top three accelerometers:

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