A lot of us buy produce at the store but ignore the small label on most fruits and vegetables called the Price Look Up (PLU) code.  If the code has 4 digits, it is conventionally grown in which pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers are likely to have been used.

If the code is 5 digits and begins with a “9”, the produce is ‘organic’ or grown without the use of synthetic herbicides or pesticides.  Generally, the more you are concerned about eating healthy, the more you should consider  selecting the organic produce.  Be aware, though, a 5 digit PLU code beginning with “8” is a genetically-modified produce or often identified as “GMO” or genetically-modified organism.  Basically, GMO produce has been modified in some way to attempt to repel insects and diseases through manipulation of the plant genes.  There is no small controversy brewing regarding the long-term health consequences of consuming GMO produce.  Many are concerned that GMO produce could be very destructive to our health.

The bottom line is that organic produce, whether grown a farmer or from your own garden, is probably the safest and healthiest way to eat!

Is the apple in the picture conventionally grown, organic, or genetically-modified?