Dr. Debbie Balfanz, coordinator of Stanford Behavior Change/Weight Management Program, reports that the average American gains one pound during the holidays.  One pound represents 3500 extra calories beyond what you normally consume.

Dr. Balfanz has excellent suggestions on how to prevent adding extra weight during the Holidays.  Here is a link:  http://bewell.stanford.edu/avoiding-holiday-weight-gain%20.

One suggestion is to avoid going to a party when ‘starved’ for the same reason one should avoid grocery shopping when hungry which typically leads to getting too much food. Having a light snack such as yogurt mixed with high fiber cereal, fruit or string cheese prior to attending a party helps keep us from overeating and gaining those extra calories. Dr. Balfanz also suggests picking out a few different choices of the less healthy options to try, rather than loading up a plate from every dish available. Remember, drinks are often overlooked as a significant source of calories.

Although, the remainder of the article provides insightful suggestions on how to better manage the stress of the holiday preparations and one’s expectations, the concept of maintaining your weight and reducing the amount of extra calories is a resounding message. So, take time to enjoy new foods without hesitation, if it’s in moderate amounts.

Enjoy your holiday time with family and friends!